BTC course analysis – breath after Bitcoin secret

After reaching the previous annual high of EUR 735.04 (USD 780.08), the share price fell to EUR 702.61 (USD 745.66), but recovered again.

Summary of the Bitcoin secret

On December 5, the price fell to 702.61 EUR (745.66 USD) and broke through the Bitcoin secret. However, the price was able to rally again and currently stands at 728.75 EUR (773.40 USD).
Wow – the price has risen even further! With 735.04 EUR there is a new maximum for the year, which is of course very nice. Although the price fell – by 33 EUR to 702.61 EUR (745.66 USD), but this fall was of short duration: Already on December 6, the price tested the Bitcoin secret again and wanted to break through it. Although it took another day (and two bounces on the EMA200), the price broke through the resistance described by the EMA100 again on December 7th and has shown a stable upward trend since then. The Yuan’s continued economic situation appears to be taking its toll.

Since noon today, the MACD line (blue) is also above the signal (orange) again, which is also a bullish sign. Previously the MACD line was much below the signal, which also led to a test of the EMA100, but with a bounce at this support the MACD was clearly bullish again.

This bullish signal is confirmed by the RSI (third panel from above): With 67 it is not only bullish, but almost overbought.

The MACD is positive

The Chaikin Oscillator (lower panel) can hold itself since the 6th of December over the zero. Of course it stands and falls – but that’s normal. It remains to be seen how far the Chaikin Oscillator falls now – but the bullish signals of the other indicators are positive.

And again a new maximum value reached, course lies over the trend, all indicators are positive – slowly it becomes boring to write 😉 Anyway everything works so far positively. This positive impression does not become worse also by a view on larger time scales:

The positive picture is also supported by the view on the 240 min chart. Here, too, all indicators are positive. The EMA is a stable support; it has been tested a few times, but has always held up well so far.

Finally, we come to the 1D chart. I have taken a look at the whole year – after all, we are slowly approaching the end of the year:

All in all, almost everything is in the completely green range – although not as grandios green as in the other charts: the MACD is positive, but the MACD line is below the signal. The Chaikin oscillator is positive, but just above zero. In addition, it is noticeable that the trading volume has been declining somewhat since mid-November – this should be kept in mind.

Well – from a technical point of view everything is positive. The